Recent May Movie Releases You Should See


The lover for her feathered friends tears her marriage and social life apart. That’s the basis of the story of Richard Miron’s documentary about a woman named Kathy whose love and obsession for her pet chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese started a local firestorm between her and the animal advocacy groups. Not only does she have a variety of these birds, but she has 200 of them on her property living with her! That’s a lot of birds to take care of.

A harrowing story that is documented over a span of five years. In the middle of the controversy is Kathy’s husband Gary, who is struggling with his marriage and the toll the birds have taken on his life. The documentary sets up a narrative where you get a unique perspective from several viewpoints, that of Kathy, Gary, and the local animal rights groups. It sets-up the big question, is one woman’s love for her animals getting in the way of their potential well-being?

You need to see this film to understand the dynamics of Kathy and Gary’s living situation, her passion for the animals and the concern of the animal advocates. I can somewhat relate to Kathy, in the sense that I actually had pet chickens as a kid, it’s a rare thing, but very real. Certainly the way Miron sets up the movie, you’ll have an opportunity to decide who you feel for the most. This is one fascinating movie, for anyone.

FOR THE BIRDS‘ will release In Theaters in NY on May  31, 2019 and LA on June 14, 2019

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