Hollywood Museum’s New Exhibits Unveiling

Hollywood Museum is an iconic place located in the heart of Hollywood. If you are visiting LA, check it out. Recently the museum held an event for the unveiling of their three newest exhibits for Catwoman, Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman. Reel Talker was there to take in the festivities and speak to the celebrity guests on the red carpet.


This was such a cool event. Those shows were before my time, but I have an appreciation for classic television and film. In their run, “Bionic Woman” and “Six Million Dollar Man” were huge hits. We can thank the Adam West Batman series as being a launching pad for the superhero craze we have these days. It was literally the original superhero show that set the standard and is still revered by many (including myself) today.

It was an honor to get to interview Lee Meriwether, a true icon. Not only was she one of the original Catwomen, but she starred in the first Batman movie, plus prominent roles on major shows such as “Barnaby Jones” and “The Munsters Today”. She was also Miss America! Needless to say, Meriwether is a legend.

I found Lee to be one of the sweetest and sincere people I’ve ever interviewed. You just felt this genuine warmth from her. It was a wonderful experience to speak to her. It was very touching to hear her share her thoughts about Adam West. They seemed to be close. In the video Burt Ward (Robin) walked by and Lee also attested to how great of a guy he is. Seems like the Batman cast are really close after all these years, which is wonderful to hear.

Jeremy Miller seems like another great individual. He was humble and gracious. Very personable. I grew up watching “Growing Pains”. It was a an American classic TV show. Jeremy has a lot going on in his life. Who knew he was a cooking aficionado? He mentioned a show he has in the making, which I’m looking forward to seeing.

Overall, this was a really good event. There was a speech by Lee Majors (“Six Million Dollar Man” himself) that introduced the “Six Million Dollar Man” exhibit along with the “Bionic Woman” one. Unfortunately, Lindsay Wagner (Bionic Woman) wasn’t able to attend. Burt Ward, Lee Meriwether and Kitt McDonald (daughter of Catwoman Eartha Kitt) spoke and presented the Catwoman exhibit. It was a night that shared a piece of classic Hollywood. Couldn’t ask for more.

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