LMFAO’s RedFoo On How To Be Vegan And Save Animals

You know you rocked out to “Party Rock Anthem” at some point. LMFAO become household names after that hit song, which lead to many more successful hits. RedFoo and SkyBlu are the dynamic duo that is LMFAO. I had a chance to speak to Redfoo at the grand opening of Sugar Taco in LA. The vegan taco hotspot. Redfoo spoke about his passion for vegan healthy eating, saving animals and updated me on what he’s got going on creatively. Check out the entire interview below.


I was really impressed with Redfoo. Had no idea that he was this passionate about being vegan and animals. I have great respect for someone like him who practices what they preach. As a fellow major animal lover, I really related with what he had to say. I can’t say that I always learn something from an interview, but I really learned and had an eye-opening experience in talking to him.

He has done extensive research on vegan living. I even learned that he grows some of his food also and encouraged people to do that, which I think is actually a great idea and suggestion. It really hit me when he was describing what some animals have to endure. It’s the painful reality that animals lovers can attest to. I appreciated that he spend nearly 15 minutes with me.

The man is passionate about animals, healthy eating, heck of a musician and now he’s coding games? Unreal. I can’t even code a headline in WordPress, much less create games. Much respect to him. The impression Redfoo left me with is that music isn’t his main passion. He’s a creative individual who wants to spread his curiosity across multiple platforms. Good for him. Awesome guy.

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