Interview: Actor Michael Kingsbaker

A nice trip to Acapulco would be fantastic. It was that and more for actor Michael Kingsbaker, who plays Matt Booth in the recently released Welcome to Acapulco. I spoke to Michael about the film and his Acapulco experience. Check out the interview audio in its entirety below:


I haven’t been to Acapulco, but Michael sure did a good job of convincing that’s the place to visit. My first impression of Michael is that he’s definitely a New Yorker, accent only confirmed it. If you wondered if Michael had any part of the stunts in the film, now you know. He definitely was all about it. I respect that in an actor, although sometimes it’s not in the best interest of the production.

The movie is fast paced and has entertaining moments for sure. Nice veteran cast with the likes of Michael Madsen, Paul Sorvino and William Baldwin. Plus they definitely managed to get the pretty sights of Acapulco into the film.

WELCOME TO ACAPULCO is out now on VOD and Digital HD

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