‘Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase’ Movie Premiere

The Nancy Drew novels have been entertaining kids, teens and adults for almost a century. The mystery solving teenage girl has been an inspiration to girls by expanding their imagination and curiosity. There have been a handful of Nancy Drew films until now, but a new generation of kids gets to see and grow with Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase.

I had an opportunity to attend the world premiere of the film in Los Angeles. The stars of the film and special guests walked the the red carpet and I spoke to them. Check out my interview below with star Sophia Lillis and others.


This was an enjoyable red carpet. It was a fairly busy carpet, but nicely intimate and energetic. Writers Nina Fiore and John Herrera were very engaging and had some great thoughts. They both work on The Handmaid’s Tale, so I had to ask them about the transition from that to Nancy Drew. Apparently late night snacks were the key! Great answer from Nina.

Mac Graham was very excited and energetic. From what she said she really bonded with the other girls on set during a hot Georgia summer. The cool thing is that the cast seemed to be around the same age, so I can imagine they had things in common and understanding for one another. Evan Castelloe shared a fun story of how he auditioned for his role in the film. Shouting into the the mirror was the key for him. Interesting story. Appreciated his honesty.

Sophia Lillis was very sweet. She seemed like a very normal teenager that really enjoyed being part of this film. I asked her about the upcoming IT movie and her thoughts on Jessica Chastain playing the older version of her character Beverly. Lillis displayed pure fan girl excitement over it, which was very endearing. It’s nice to see accomplished actors like Lillis be so modest and humble, yet show a very personable side of her. Her IT castmates showed up to cheer her on and support her, that was a nice moment to see the support from her fellow friends.

NANCY DREW AND THE HIDDEN STAIRCASE is out in theaters on March 15

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