Interview: Filmmaker Matthew Brown

If you live in California or anywhere near the mountains, hiking is a daily part of life for many. There are hikes and then there are hikes that test your limits, one of them being Appalachian Mountains. Matthew Brown decided to take that challenge and ended up turning it into a movie. I spoke to Matthew about his experience hiking the Appalachian and how it lead to the movie.


I found Matthew to be a curious individual. He has some unique life experiences, he’s sort of an unconventional guy, which I found interesting. He has some stories to tell for sure. I found his commentary on the people he encountered on the trail to be fascinating. When he spoke about people doing the trail and their reasons for it and trying to discover themselves and usually not achieving their desires.

It’s pretty cool that Matt decided to do something unique and move to New Mexico and live in the truck he put together. You just don’t hear these sort of things from someone who just directed a movie.

Overall, I found Matthew to be an unconventional individual that’s curious about the world and is a simple guy. Which is refreshing to see for someone that’s accomplished what he has.

The film is refreshing in a similar way. It’s a character story at its core.

MAINE is out now now on VOD and Digital HD

Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

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