Interview: Actor Ryan Carnes

Ryan Carnes might be known to many as a soap star and the hunk on Desperate Housewives, but his talents span a much wider net. I spoke with Ryan about his career and his latest film Beyond the Sky, plus we talk a whole lot about aliens and conspiracies. Check out this fun interview with Ryan Carnes.


This was one fun and out-of-the ordinary interview for me. Didn’t know majority would be devoted to talking about aliens and conspiracy theories, but it was fun.

I found Ryan to be a really well-spoken and intelligent guy. Thoughtful also. He seems to be quite the forward thinker. I found it really interesting that not only is he developing a clothing line, but about how mindful he is of the environment and preserving it. He was very forward with his thoughts and theories about aliens, which was interesting to listen to. I concur with him on many of those points.

Would have been fun to delve in deeper to these topics and find out about any other opinions and ideas he might have. Smart and interesting guy to talk to is my main takeaway.

BEYOND THE SKY is out now On Demand and Digital HD

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