(Video) Red Carpet: World Premiere of ‘Nomis’

This past weekend the Los Angeles Film Festival came to close this past weekend. The closing festival night movie was David Raymond’s Nomis. The film stars Henry Cavill, Sir Ben Kingsley, Alexandra Daddario and Minka Kelly. I had a chance to attend the red carpet for the premiere and spoke to the director David Raymond and one of the actors in the film Mpho Kaoho.




Unfortunately the star of the film Henry “Superman” Cavill wasn’t there. It wasn’t announced why he missed the premiere. Usually it’s due to filming another movie. Either way, it was a bummer. I was hoping to talk to Alexandra Daddario, but as she was coming up to me she was escorted to the theater by the publicists. This stuff happens at these events. Ben Kingsley did an interview and then went over to the fans to sign some autographs. Minka Kelly arrived late to the red carpet and didn’t do any interviews.

So the bigger stars didn’t end up doing much press. I did enjoy speaking to David. He delved into how many obstacles that had to be overcome to get this movie made.

Mpho Kaoho was a blast! That guy has so much personality and energy. He’s electric and super fun. One of the most energetic and fun interviews I’ve had. Super cool guy.

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