Interview: ‘Steven Tyler: Out On A Limb’ Director Casey Tebo

Aerosmith rock legend Steve Tyler has gone country. The longtime Aerosmith rocker has made a transition into country music. Tyler’s longtime personal friend, Tebo, decided to show a side of Tyler many haven’t seen before. I spoke to Casey about his relationship with Steven, including why he’s trying to reinvent himself at this stage of this career. All that and more.


There is no denying that Casey knows a ton about Steven, so it was nice learning about him from a great source. I wasn’t a bit surprised how he defended Steven, but he wasn’t afraid to subtly compare situations to his Joe Perry and give valid criticisms on his carer choices.

My favorite thing to hear was Casey talk about how manly Steven is and the best part was when he talked about getting the raccoon off the street. Those are the fun sort of tidbits that I look for in an interview.

Casey seemed polite. He did a great job of making the film feel like a live concert and a behind-the-scenes tour.

STEVEN TYLER: OUT ON A LIMB is out now on VOD and Digital HD

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