Must See Movie Releases of the Week


A fine mix of supernatural and mythology, an R rated fantasy thriller that delivers on scares and visuals. Bel Powley stars as a sheltered girl who is finally given her freedom by the town sheriff, played by Liv Tyler. This isn’t your typical R rated scary movie, it’s more of a fantasy with some scary elements. The wildling is a monster Powley’s character grew up fearing is back to haunt her as she explores her curiosity in her new unexplored surroundings.

Powley and Tyler are a good unexpectedly compatible duo. Their contrasting styles work together in this film. The filmmakers didn’t shy away from being creative and putting together a story and visuals that normally would be in a PG-13 action adventure film. The blend of unique concepts add layers and dimensions that let your imagination run alongside the plot. It’s a film that’s all about mood.

WILDLING is out now on VOD and Digital HD and in select theaters in NYC & LA


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