Must See Movie Releases of the Week


Aquaman goes from protecting the waters to protecting his family in a cabin in the snowy woods. He even gets to use some guns. Braven is an exciting action thriller and Jason Mamoa gets to lead the charge. Mamoa and Stephen Lang play a son and father who plan on having a quiet weekend of hunting, that’s until they discover a stash of drugs. Soon they are on the defensive and trying to protect their family from some bad dudes.

Granted, we have all seen this premise, but it’s about how well it’s executed. When it comes to Braven, the execution is slick and fun. Mamoa has a quiet strong charisma about him that he gets to show in this film. It’s a good role for him. Braven is solid all-around with action, plot and characters.

BRAVEN is out now on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital and On Demand


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