Can’t Miss Movie Releases Of This Week (March 6)


Can’t blame Karl Urban character for being hell-bent on revenge in Bent. Urban plays ex-cop Danny Gallagher whose caught in the middle of a deadly conspiracy that has everyone after him, including his fellow cop allies. I like Urban in this role, fairly badass and tough. Andy Garcia and Sofia Vergara play supporting roles. This is a fairly standard crime drama, but one that has enough twists and intrigue to keep you along for the ride. Add some solid action with plot and you have yourself a satisfactory crime thriller that Bent ends up being.

There is certainly an audience for a film of this genre. Sure, we’ve seen many movies of this type, but it still merits definite consideration. Look no further than the guy who is typing this. In a slower movie week, this is a nice under-the-radar movie.

‘BENT’ is out now in select theaters and On Demand


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