Can’t Miss Movie Releases Of This Week (March 6)

The second week of March delivers an Oscar darling and a crime thriller. Two very differently enjoyable films. It’s a slower week for impact releases, but these are two very solid options.


One of the most talked about an endearing movies during awards season, is finally available for home viewing. Greta Gerwig delivers on this story of a teenage girl coming to terms with becoming a women and taking the next steps in life. Saoirse Ronan plays the self-proclaimed Lady Bird phenomenally. She captures the spirit of a girl trying to become a women in suburban Sacramento, California. The film explores dating, family dynamics and coming to terms with everyday life’s nuances and roadblocks.

The most significantly portrayed relationship is between mother and daughter. Laurie Metcalf does a wonderful job playing a flawed parent trying to instill tough love to her daughter, while also trying to connect with her. The on-screen depicted relationship between Metcalf and Ronan burst with authenticity. It’s not pretty at times to watch the dysfunction, but it’s honest and feels real. This is one of these films that many teenage girls and their mothers will be able to relate to. In fact even young men can relate to the subject matter and the situations the film’s characters are navigating through.

Top-level acting performances from Ronan and Metcalf (deservingly both were nominated for Oscars for their roles) and a clever and relatable plot that’s well written and directed by Gerwig. This is an absolute must-see movie. One of the true gems of 2017.


  • Audio Commentary with Writer-Director Greta Gerwig and Cinematographer Sam Levy
  • “Realizing Lady Bird” Featurette

‘LADY BIRD’ is out now on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital 

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