SHARK BAIT Star Holly Earl on Her American Accent and Fear of Sharks!

Holly Earl is so good at acting that you’d imagine she was obviously American when you watch her in her new movie Shark Bait. Holly stars in the thriller that will give you some serious Jaws vibes.

I spoke to Holly about her role, filming in the open waters and of course that amazing American accent of hers. Check out the full interview below.


Holly was so sweet and engaging. Super personable and easy to talk to. This film put her on my radar, but wasn’t familiar with her work prior. I was convinced she was American. She did view it as a major compliment. Holly reminds me a lot of Emilia Clarke, from her look to her smile, and yes the accent. I wish I had told her that.

So they filmed on the gorgeous island of Malta, which is really cool. I imagine it being a luxurious vacation spot, but getting to film a movie there is an even cooler experience. Holly did say it wasn’t vacation by any means and it was a lot of hours of shooting on the water, which can offer challenges.

Even though everything is vetted and guarded, there must be an uneasiness filming in open water. You just never know when a sea creature can appear? Kudos to Holly for braving it all. She did make a good point about the wind and cooling at night that makes things uncomfortable when you are wet in a swimsuit all day.

I enjoyed Shark Bait. It’s an intense ride from start to finish. Keeps you on edge as a viewer and that uneasy feeling that it gave me witnessing the struggle the characters were facing.

SHARK BAIT releases in Theaters and will be available on Digital and On Demand May 13, 2022

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