Interview: Christian Camargo Talks Witches, Dexter and Why Playing Villains is the Best

The man has dealt with vampires in his past, so no wonder Christian Camargo is now chasing witches in his latest film Witch Hunt. The accomplished actor has seemingly done it all in his career, but he has a special place for villains.

I spoke to Christian about his role in Witch Hunt. Why he’s intrigued with the world of witchcraft. The return of Dexter. And why he loves playing villains.


Christian seemed like a real dude. That’s a big compliment. He was laid back and cool. I found him to be an intellectual and thought-provoking guy with depth. I legit thought there was a baby crib behind him, but it was just a stairwell. We delved into the highly anticipated return of Dexter. Even Christian found it surprising to learn about the established fandom that the show has and the excitement for its revival. Personally, I know several people who are super excited about it.

For those of you that don’t know, Christian was part of the Twilight franchise, playing Eleazar. So he’s done the vampire thing, now he gets to do the witch thing in Witch Hunt. He seemed genuinely curious about the world of witchcraft. Seems like he learned a bit about it also. I mentioned I had a discussion with his co-star Gideon Adlon about it.

I remember several of his film and TV characters, some of them being villains. He spoke to me about his connection to playing villains and how it’s a big draw for him. He explained a bit of the psychology behind playing a villain. Certainly I can understand why it would be more fun to play the baddie.

Another memorable role he had was on Penny Dreadful, playing alongside the fabulous Eva Green. Christian spoke highly of Eva and we both agreed she’s one of the best actors around, but doesn’t seem to get the publicity and attention she probably should be.

WITCH HUNT is currently available In Theaters, On Digital and On Demand

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