Interview: Tim Blake Nelson Shares His Views on Being a Lead Versus a Supporting Actor

Tim Blake Nelson is one of most underrated actors around. Period. He’s been part of some major films and smaller ones. Every time he puts on a hell of a performance. Tim finally gets a chance to star as a lead in Old Henry.

I spoke to Tim and writer/director Potsy Ponciroli about the film. Both men spoke about working together. The preparation it took to make it. Tim spoke about getting a chance to be a lead and his approach to it. All that and more.


If you’ve seen Tim’s work, it’s hard not to be a fan. He’s a fantastic actor. Great character actor. Potsy spoke about Tim’s commitment to the work, and it shows in his performances. Tim gave most of the credit to Potsy for putting together a script that interested him and just letting Potsy lead and make his vision happen.

Westerns are a hit-or-miss for me, but I did enjoy this one. When you have a cast that includes Tim Blake Nelson, Trace Adkins and Stephen Dorff, hard to go wrong there. All of those men look the part and certainly make it come to life on-screen.

I found Time to be very laid back and similar with Potsy, so no wonder why they seemed to have formed a friendship. That was the cool part, hearing Potsy speak about Tim coming over for dinner and them being friends going forward.

Tim is a badass in this film. Happy to see him in a leading role, as he’s always been one of those strong supporting actors that steals the scene.

OLD HENRY is out in Theaters on October 1

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