Self-Care products to Make Your Life a Little Better and Easier


Deborah Kesten, M.P.H and Larry Scherwitz, Ph.D combine to offer some stellar advice and understanding of a prime dietary lifestyle. This book delves deep into root causes of obesity, overeating and overweight. It provides a roadmap on how to treat those issues. The book has a wealth of information and some really great practical explanations and treatments to get your health back.

I really liked how this book spoke to me. I’ve been dealing with many of these issues that the book talks about and I feel there was a lot of terrific step-by-step planning on dropping the bad habits by illustrating how to be eating and living healthier. There are a lot of useful diagrams and recipes. This book is fantastic and I’m already following many of the outlined guidelines it provides. Highly recommend it to anyone wanting to eat and feel healthier and drop those bad habits that lead to being overweight and obese.

Get your copy of Whole Person Integrative Eating

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