Olivia Luccardi Talks “The Deuce”, Car Troubles and a Never Told Story from the Set of ‘It Follows’

The first time I had the pleasure of seeing Olivia Luccardi on-screen was in her feature debut in the hit It Follows. She played “Yara” in the movie. Since then she’s had legitimate success appearing in major shows and film, such as The Deuce and Orange is the New Black.

I spoke Olivia about her life and career. One of her recent films Go/Don’t Go, and why it was special to her. She discussed a never-before-told story on the set of It Follows. Why working on The Deuce was one of her favorite experiences. Plus, a lot more. Check out the interview below.


I loved my talk with Olivia. She’s so much fun. Great vibrant personality. So easy to talk to. I had so many things I wanted to ask her. I’m a huge fan of It Follows, so if I talk to anyone who was in the film (check out the interview with Daniel Zovatto).

So the car needed some fixing was the first thing we established! Haha. Glad she was able to take care of that. See, famous people have real errands and car issues also.

Back to It Follows. Never expected the story Olivia provided about the “unexpected” roommate on the set of the film. How funny and wild was that! At least he picked her up from the airport. Everyone that I have talked to associated with It Follows has loved their experience working on the film, as you saw Olivia’s reaction when I asked about it.

She was very complimentary of her experience working on The Deuce and Orange is the New Black. Even saying that The Deuce was one of her best experiences. I remember her from both shows. Always appreciated how bold of an actress she is.

During the interview I also learned that she filmed Go/Don’t Go in her neck of the woods in New York state. Inviting friends to be the extras and drink at the bar. Imagine making it in acting and then having the opportunity to include your friends you grew up with in your film. Pretty awesome.

Olivia was great. Can’t wait to see what’s next for her and to talk to her about it.

You can see Olivia in the following films out now:

GO/DON’T GO is out now On Demand and Digital

SHOPLIFTERS OF THE WORLD in Theaters,On Demand and Digital on March 26, 202

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