Lucas Till on a Potential Return as Havok to the X-Men Franchise for Disney

Friday nights you know where to find Lucas Till. He’s outsmarting bad guys on the CBS series MacGyver. Lucas has already had a heck of a career to this point. He was part of the X-Men franchise playing Alex Summers/Havok. His latest film Son of the South, is the story of Civil Rights activist Bob Zellner, who fought racial injustice in Alabama in the 60’s.

I had a chance to speak to speak to the stars of the film Lucas Till and Lex Scott Davis. Lucas spoke about playing Bob Zellner and the responsibility it was for him to do so. Lex spoke about working with Lucas and the experiences they had on set. Lucas also spoke about a potential return to the X-Men franchise to play Havok.


It was my first time speaking with Lucas and Lex. I found both of them to be terrific. Great personalities. Energetic, personable and engaging. They were very fun to speak with.

Lucas spoke about playing Bob Zellner and how nervous he was to play a living person. He mentioned how nice Bob was and how he researched him and watched tapes in preparation. I always wonder how actors feel about playing an influential living person. There must be some pressure and definite responsibility that comes along with it.

I enjoyed the banter and fun moment we had with the hair talk. Lex has amazing curls, but Lucas jumped in with the hair swirl. It was awesome and hilarious.

I couldn’t let Lucas off the hook without asking him about a potential return to the X-Men franchise for Disney and reprising the role of Alex Summers/Havok. Looks like Lucas would be all for it and onboard with it. So let’s make it happen Disney, even if his character was “killed off”. Bring back Havok to life!

SON OF THE SOUTH in select Theaters, VOD & Digital February 5, 2021

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