Josh Duhamel and Dan Bakkedahl: On ‘Buddy Games’, Working Together & What’s Josh Like as a Director

Be prepared, you are about to see longtime heartthrob Josh Duhamel like you’ve never seen him before. Duhamel stars in his directorial debut in the raunchy buddy comedy, Buddy Games. Duhamel invites many of his famous Hollywood friends to join him in the movie.

I had a chance to speak to Josh and the other star of Buddy Games, Dan Bakkedahl. The guys talk about working on the film and together, Josh’s pitch to recruit his famous friends. Dan comments on what Josh is like as a director. Also, Josh talks about how this was unlike any role he has taken that he wanted in his career.


Been a longtime fan of Josh, so it was cool to get to talk to him. Dan, I was somewhat familiar with, recognized his work on Veep, but gained a newfound appreciation for his acting. He’s an interesting and talented actor that does well with comedy. I found both guys to be really cool and engaging. Nice guys.

I don’t remember seeing Josh on-screen in a raunchy comedy like this. He went for it. It seemed like the cast really enjoyed themselves and working together. I mentioned Josh looked like he was liberated by this role and he agreed with that statement. He also directed the movie, so that’s a first for him. For a first attempt, he did very well as a director.

The cast was great, Nick Swardson, Kevin Dillon, Dax Shepard and Olivia Munn, among others. It’s a light film. Lots of slapstick comedy and over-the-top humor. Raunchy buddy comedy stuff.

Check out my interview with Kevin Dillon for more on Buddy Games and news on Entourage.

‘BUDDY GAMES’ out On Demand, Digital and DVD on November 24th

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