Conversation With Lin Shaye: On the Future of the ‘Insidious’ Franchise & Working with Fellow Horror Icon Tobin Bell

Lin Shaye is certainly a horror icon. She is synonymous with the Insidious franchise. Shaye has appeared in over 200 movies, many of them being of the horror genre. To me she’s on the Mount Rushmore of modern day horror icons.

I had another pleasure to speak to Lin recently. I interviewed her a few months back when her movie Dreamkatcher came out. She’s one of Reel Talker’s favorite all-time guests. Her latest film is called The Call. She stars alongside another modern day horror icon, Tobin Bell of the Saw franchise. Lin spoke about working with Tobin and the potential of appearing in another Insidious movie in the future.


Those of you that follow me or Reel Talker know that Lin is definitely in my top 5 guests and people to talk to. I’ve interviewed her multiple times, in person, phone and now Zoom. I can tell you firsthand that she’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, much less in the entertainment industry. One of my favorite people for sure. Always kind, transparent and gracious.

Initially we had some Zoom issues with audio, but thankfully we resolved that and got to talk. Lin is tremendous as always in The Call. The coolest part for me as a big horror fan was to see her star alongside Tobin Bell. Those two are arguably the two biggest names around in horror. They play a married couple in the film and they were awesome.

Lin spoke about working with Tobin and how they both have very passionate fan bases for their franchises. She said Tobin was great to work with and has his approach to working. I was a bit surprised to hear that it seemed Tobin kept to himself on-set. I’d imagine being around Lin you’d be always chatting due to her personable personality. Some actors like to lock-in on-set and be ultra focused, that’s the way they work. Actors are unique creatures.

I had to bring up a convo about a mutual friend of ours, director of The Call, Timothy Woodward Jr. I’ve met Tim on several occasions and was able to form a professional friendship with him. Lin has worked with Tim multiple times. In 2018 they did The Final Wish together. I totally understood everything Lin had to say about Tim. From my interactions with him he’s the same guy with everyone, on-set or not. He’s a really talented guy. I’ve been lucky to have several conversations with him about filmmaking.

In my previous convos I’ve been meaning to ask Lin about the future of Insidious and her involvement, but I kept forgetting to ask. I was finally able to get around to that. She’s a straight shooter so I always know I’ll get to truth from her. Apparently director James Wan is on-board for another film, but writer Leigh Whannell is the one that needs to be reeled into the project. Lin sounded optimistic and willing to return. Come on Leigh, let’s make it happen!

I really enjoyed seeing Lin and glad she’s doing well. Just a great person and I’m happy to get to connect with her again. We also got to see her doggie! The Call is a good sleeper horror thriller, I urge you to check it out, especially if you are a fan of Lin and Tobin. I mean it’s October, Halloween month, if you’re ever going to watch scary movies then this is the best time of the year.

‘THE CALL’ releases nationwide in Theaters & Drive-In’s on October 2nd

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