Conversation with Director Rachel Lee Goldenberg: On The Making of ‘Unpregnant’, Haley Lu Richardson and Abortion Rights

HBO Max has been hitting the streaming world in high gear since its inception at the start of summer. Numerous hit new shows debut and films debuted on the platform already. The latest one is Rachel Lee Goldenberg’s Unpregnant (based on the book by Jenni Hendriks). The film stars Haley Lu Richardson and Barbie Ferreira.

I had a chance to speak to Rachel about the film. Her experience working on it and using the novel as a template. She shared her personal experience with abortion. Rachel also spoke about her lead actresses and what makes Haley Lu Richardson the lead she was looking for.


First time speaking with Rachel. She was very nice. Very good energy and seemed interested in speaking to me and answering my questions, I appreciated how transparent she was, especially in sharing her personal experience with abortion. She was great.

Haley Lu and Barbie are fantastic in the lead roles. They have such great chemistry and talent. Rachel spoke on that and wanting to work with Haley. She really ended up with a great cast.

Rachel spoke about having the message of the movie come through, but also making it cinematic and entertaining at the same time. She certainly accomplished that. It was important to note how Rachel spoke about highlighting the ability to have access to abortion if needed. This is an important issue to speak about and I felt she did a great job elaborating on it.

I’m looking forward to seeing Rachel’s other film, Valley Girl, that’s about to release soon for home viewing. Also, how cool that Rachel is a nacho aficionado! I’ll definitely take her recommendation.

I really enjoyed Unpregnant. It was a fun and entertaining with good acting and directing. I’d definitely recommend it.

‘UNPREGNANT’ begins streaming exclusively on HBO Max on September 10

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