Conversation With Aimee Teegarden and Mike Castle: On Working With Comedians and & On-Set Fun

Aimee Teegarden (Friday Night Lights) and Mike Castle (Clipped) are getting married…on-screen. Aimee and Mike star as a newly engaged couple in the outrageous comedy Guest House. The film also boasts a lineup of a variety of comedians that includes, Pauly Shore, Chris Kattan, Bobby Lee and Steve-O.

I spoke to Aimee and Mike about working together on Guest House. The crazy on-set antics of Steve-O and a lot more. Check out the full interview below.


Mike and Aimee were great to talk to. First time interacting with them, but couldn’t have been any better. They both were very personable and fun. Mike has great energy about him and Aimee is a sweetheart. Both seem like great people.

Mike and Aimee must have developed a great friendship since their chemistry was great in our chat and the movie. I asked them about having all these notable funny people on-set. They really seemed to enjoy their time working with everyone and it was wild and fun as you’d expect it to be.

Of course there had to be a Steve-O story. Mike shared how surprised he was how professional and on-point Steve-O was. Asking for extra takes, trying to perfect them. Who knew?! I certainly wouldn’t imagine Steve-O being a committed actor, even though he’s certainly committed to crazy antics. Obviously he had done something crazy also, according to Mike.

I asked both of them what they like about each other and both Aimee and Mike shared nice things. It was a cool moment to watch and hear them share pleasantries. Mike certainly seemed to be a fan of Friday Night Lights, which Aimee was a big part of. Classic show for sure.

I had a bit of a joke with Mike about his Zoom username that read “Lauren Lapkus,” which is his actual wife, for those that don’t know.

Guest House is a wild and outrageous comedy. It’s a fun watch. In these times where things seem gloom, to have a movie to entertain you and make you laugh is always a good distraction and escape.

‘GUEST HOUSE’ released On Demand and Digital – September 4, 2020

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