Hollywood Executive Dara Resnik Speaks on Entertainment Industry and Her New Show “Home Before Dark”

I wasn’t familiar with Dara Resnik before this interview, but I was definitely familiar with some of the shows she produced, Netflix’s Daredevil, Shooter and Castle among other. That’s quality television there. Her latest show is Apple TV+’s Home Before Dark. It stars Jim Sturgess and Brooklyn Prince as a father and daughter journalist duo. I spoke to Dara about the show, her thoughts on the fallout that the pandemic might have on the entertainment industry and her former life as a journalist.


I absolutely love what Dara is all about. I got such a good sense of who she is through our conversation that I rarely get with others I interview. I found her to be refreshingly honest, blunt, intelligent and engaging. I admire her for her humble ways and being a single mom, which can’t be easy doing the work she does. Basically, Dara is Superwoman!

There is so much great stuff Dara shared in our conversation. Happy to hear she’s doing well after her divorce and is enjoying her new place. It’s good to hear people be in a good place in their lives during these trying times. I had no idea she had a fairly accomplished career as a journalist, even writing for Entertainment Weekly. That was pretty cool to hear.

I agree with what she said about the industry changing due to coronavirus and how we both hope that social media stars go by the wayside as a result. It was really cool to hear the story of how she came across the real life Hilde and Matt Lisko, who are the inspiration for the story. Also, the influence the they had on the actors playing them.

If you hear some dishes clanking in the background during the interview, I’m guessing Dara was just doing some dishes and cleaning and maximizing her time properly. I really appreciated her candid nature and how personable she was. I sure hope I get a chance to catch up with her, as there are so many other things I’d like to hear her opinions on.

I’d highly encourage you to check out her Twitter, as she’s pretty active on it, also take a look at the Washington Post article on Harvey Weinstein she co-wrote, it’s a must-read. Definitely worth checking out Home Before Dark on Apple TV+. It’s a really fun and interesting series.

Twitter: @BadassMomWriter

“HOME BEFORE DARK” is out now on Apple TV+

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