Actress Essie Davis on Forming a Real Musical Band with Castmates in Preparation for a Film Role

Aussie actress Essie Davis is one of those actors you keep seeing pop-up in shows and movies, yet don’t hear much about in the mainstream. At least that has been my experience. Certainly I remembered her from movies such as Assassins Creed, The Babadook, as well as playing Lady Crane on the Game of Thrones.

I had a chance to speak to Essie about her latest release, Justin Kurzel’s True History of the Kelly Gang. Essie spoke about her experience working with Justin and with a star-studded cast and even creating a musical band with her castmates during production. Find out all that and more, below.


Essie had good energy and engagement so it made it easy on me to chat with her. She shared some good insight from the set and her experience working with Kurzel and the likes of Russell Crowe, George MacKay and Nicholas Hoult.

My favorite part of the interview and the least expected one was when she shared the story about forming a musical band with her castmates and performing in local venues during the filmmaking process. I mean, that sounds wildly fun and bold. I would have loved to been in one of those venues to witness that. Overall, I enjoyed my chat with her and she does a fantastic job in the film.

‘TRUE HISTORY OF THE KELLY GANG’ is out now On Demand and Digital

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