National Geographic ‘The Hot Zone’ Premiere Event

National Geographic has been educating and sharing the world with us for decades. Now it’s giving you an inside look into the Ebola crisis. Based on Richard Preston’s novel ‘The Hot Zone’, Nat Geo is rolling out a limited series starring Julianna Margulies. Recently the premiere event for the show took place in Los Angeles. Reel Talker was on hand to cover the red carpet.


This was a really cool event to be a part of. The set-up was top-notch. I was fortunate to attend the screening after the red carpet, as well as the reception afterwards. Everything on site was themed to go along with the show.

I learned a lot about Ebola and infectious diseases from speaking to the some of the talent, but especially Richard Preston, the author of the novel. Main takeaway being that we have many brilliant scientists fighting and researching infectious diseases on a daily basis. The thought of an infectious taking over our world is very real, but I was reminded that we shouldn’t live in fear of it. Wash your hands. Wise words from my mom and reminder from Dr. Jaax.

The show is fantastic and scary. I highly encourage you to check it out on Memorial Day, when the three night event premieres on National Geographic.

THE HOT ZONEthree night event debuts on National Geographic on Memorial Day, May 27, 2019

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