‘Look What SHE Did!’ Event

Many in the entertainment industry know Julie Hebert as an award winning writer and director on acclaimed projects such as Man In the High Castle, West Wing, ER and Nashville, but Hebert has made an even bigger impact outside of filmmaking. Hebert is one of the founders and executive directors of Look What SHE Did!

Per the LWSD website, the mission of this non-profit organization is to bring stories of astonishing women, past and present, to the forefront of our culture. The organization produces brief dynamic videos of women talking about unsung women who changed the world.

Reel Talker was on hand for the Look What SHE Did! benefit brunch in Los Angeles. Check out the interviews with these incredible women who have impacted the entertainment industry inside and out and hear them share their stories of inspiring women.


What a great pleasure it was for me to attend and speak to so many amazing women, who came out to support the cause and contributed to the organization. It was fantastic to speak to so many influential women, aside from their contributions to film and television, it was their stories of the women who influenced them personally that resonated with me.

I can’t stress how meaningful it is to have these women create this organization and recognize the everyday unsung heroes in our lives. Women like my mother and so many more out there making a difference everyday and never taking credit for any of their hard work and contributions to the world.

Every one of these women that I spoke with had a grea story and unique perspective. I learned so much from them in the brief time I spoke to each one of them. Some of these women I immediately recognized and knew about from their fantastic work, others I just met and learned about them.

I urge everyone to support this organization any way can and celebrate the women in your lives that aren’t getting the attention they deserve for their contributions to society.

For more information on the organization check out their website Look What She Did!

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