Interview: Actor Amarr M. Wooten

Amarr M. Wooten is young actor with a lot of talent. He can currently be seen on Nickelodeon’s “Knight Squad” as Warwick. I spoke to Amarr about his career and start in acting. Check out the entire audio of the interview below:


Amarr was a cool guy to talk to. He is well spoken and a mature young man. We actually had things in common. Besides being fans of D.C. shows like Arrow and Flash, we both like WWE wrestling. Now, Amarr is a Cena fan, but I’m a Randy Orton guy.

Amarr’s journey to Los Angeles started in Washington, D.C. That’s quite the road trip to LA. Credit to his mom who ventured out on his LA journey with him and helped him live his dream. It’s admirable to see someone chase their dreams and go for it.

The thing that stood out to me and really showed Amarr’s maturity is when he talked about his approach to auditioning and how he deals with auditions he doesn’t book.

This is a young man that’s definitely got things figured out at a young age with the prime years of his career still way ahead.

Check out Amarr on Instagram @amarr

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