Interview: Filmmaker Deon Taylor

It’s rare to have a film stay with you long after it ends, but Traffik is that kind of movie. I spoke to the director of the film, Deon Taylor. Deon is a really energetic and engaging individual. Hear him talk about the film and how he was influenced to make it. This is a must listen for everyone as Deon shares some important things.


Deon was pure joy to talk to. From the first sentence that he spoke I just knew the energy he would bring. It’s fascinating to hear how life influences art, in this case being how Deon was came about the stories of human trafficking domestically through sheer awareness and curiosity.

It was just so easy to talk to this man. He’s so passionate about the film and the topic that it comes through at all times when he speaks. I was very influenced by the theme also. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I’ve seen. Human trafficking happens on our doorsteps and it’s one of the most dormant societal epidemics we aren’t fully aware of. I hope this movie can start that conversation about how real it is and we need to spread awareness about human trafficking.

The unique thing he does with this film is that he delivers on the entertainment and thrills, yet he combines it and wraps around the important theme and delivers the message that the movie centers on. I love Paula Patton. She’s a fantastic underrated actress that always comes through. Not to mention she’s a beauty. She makes all the necessary character transitions seamlessly.

I sure hope that this movie gets many eyes on it. It’s informative and brings up a topic that we haven’t put the necessary focus on as a society. It’s not easy to blend sensitive material while trying to keep things entertaining, but Deon manages to accomplish that.

Traffik will undoubtedly stick with you and hopefully makes you want to google and educate yourself on this issue. This film is a conversation starter. Whether you enjoy it or not, it’s an important film to see.

TRAFFIK is out in theaters on April 20, 2018

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