Must See Movie Releases of the Week


Personally, I’m all about Christmas. Putting it more simply, a Christmas junkie, as many of you can relate. I’m a sucker for most Christmas movies, so add Saving Christmas to that list. First and foremost this is a children’s film, also a good suggestion for parents to join them. It has a charming Christmas spirit. The story follows a boy named Danny, who is set on proving the existence of Santa Claus. While Danny and his friends are out on a serious and clever social media driver search for Santa, Danny’s mom is warming up to a romance with Santa’s social media guru. I found the kids to be endearing and the movie to be enjoyable. This is a children’s version of a Lifetime movie. Worth a watch. Also, wrestling fans will get a kick out of seeing wrestlers Tommy Dreamer and WWE Smackdown’s current stars Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis make appearances.

Saving Christmas is out now on DVD and Digital HD


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