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Action overdrive is what The Villainess is all about. First thing that stands out about this film is the outstanding camera work. The film feels somewhat as if you are playing a video game and you have that first person view and perspective. The action and fight scenes give you a first hand account with an in-your-face look. The story follows a young woman named Sook-hee, who was groomed to be an assassin since she was a child, seeking a normal existence after her mentors death. After giving up 10 years of her life to a government agency, she comes to face the secrets of her dark past that she must now conquer. This is a classic femme fatale story that infuses a ton of kick-ass action. The film has English subtitles, but paying attention to that will be the least of worries with the visual spectacle that this movie is.

‘The Villainess’ is out now in select theaters (Arclight in Chicago) and Digital HD

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