Interview: ABOUT MY FATHER Director Laura Terruso

This Memorial Day Weekend the movie to see is About My Father, based on the life of superstar comedian Sebastian Maniscalco. The film stars Maniscalco alongside Robert De Niro portraying his father Salvo. The film is directed by Laura Terruso.

I spoke to Laura Terruso about the making of About My Father. What was her natural connection to the film. She spoke about a few unforgettable scenes in the film and how they came to be. Plus, Sebastians butt?!


Laura was fantastic. Very engaging and easy to talk with. She also revealed several interesting news items. I’m glad she got to direct this film especially after hearing her parents story is very similar to Sebastian’s and both of their parents immigrating from Sicily.

So I had a feeling that the cologne wasn’t real, because imagine the scent that would make everyone nauseous on set. Now, the water scene is the funniest scene in the film, but as Laura mentioned it wasn’t easy to film and lots of credit goes to the stuntman for baring it all while water jet riding aka flyboarding. It’s a hilarious scene, but now we know whose booty kindly contributed to the scene.

I was intrigued to hear Laura speak about the sequel and her vision for it. Hopefully it’s in the works, because it sure sounds like she has a story laid out for it.

Laura Terruso does a great job directing the film and it’s a fun comedy. If you want the full breakdown from my review of About My Father.

ABOUT MY FATHER releases in Theaters nationwide on Friday, May 26 (Memorial Day Weekend)

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