Connie Nielsen Talks ‘Wonder Woman’ Success & Return and Why She Learned Several Languages

Connie Nielsen is like fine wine. She just keeps on getting better with time. The talented Danish actress is most commonly associated with playing Wonder Woman’s mother Hippolyta. Connie didn’t make her mark with the Wonder Woman movies, she was an established actress that appeared in some major movies (Gladiator) and starring alongside the biggest stars.

Connie’s latest film release is the war romance I’ll Find You. I spoke to Connie about the film. She also spoke about being a part of the Wonder Woman franchise and I asked her about all the languages that she speaks and how it all came about.


Connie was very cool and easy to talk to. She carries herself modestly and I appreciated that, especially considering the star status she’s finally getting. I loved her home. That was such a cool story hearing about the origins of it. Owned by women only. I believe she also said it was built or designed by women, if I’m not mistaken. Either way, super cool home interior and style.

It’s very ironic how the film (I’ll Find You) is set during WWII and how close it hits to home and our current reality of what is going on in the Ukraine. Certainly this film has a different perspective now.

I am a sucker for historical romance, so this movie was right up my alley, in terms of interest. I must admit I was skeptical initially after seeing the trailer, but the more I watched it, the more into the story and characters I got into. It was a very solid film.

I was a bit surprised to hear Connie say that she know Wonder Woman would be a big hit. I guess when you know, you know. They probably felt it on the set while filming that there was that special magic about it all. Also the fact so many kids were inspired by the film, boys and girls, speaks volumes on what they accomplished with the film and Connie was mindful of that.

As I did some research on Connie’s life and career, I was fascinated to learn that she speaks a half dozen languages. That’s super impressive. Connie really went into it about what lead to her learning all these languages. It was very interesting, especially how her home country of Denmark and the people around her instilled the importance of learning languages. That’s one skill that will always come in handy, especially for a worldly person like Connie Nielsen.

This was a fun interview. I’ve been wanting to speak to her for quite some time and finally got that chance. She was great.

I’LL FIND YOU is out now in Theaters and VOD

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