Filmmaker David Gere and Actress Chelsea Vale Talk Wrestlers as Actors and Mythology Horror

Writer/director David Gere and actress Chelsea Vale team up again for some movie fun. Their latest film Burial Ground Massacre is out now and they joined me to talk all about it.

David and Chelsea spoke to me about the making of the movie. Working together. David’s love for wrestling. Working with wrestlers on-set, plus much more.


David and Chelsea were a ton of fun to chat with. Both were very personable and engaging. I appreciated how transparent both of them were with me. I thought they were great.

So it didn’t take me long to figure out they were a real-life couple. They have great chemistry together, so it’s easy to see why they work well on and off set. Aside from being the lead in the film, Chelsea is also a producer on the film.

I’ve been convinced that burial grounds are a legit thing, in terms of being haunted grounds. I had personal experience with this as I mentioned in the conversation with David and Chels. They also had some paranormal experiences with it. So I certainly don’t need any more convincing on how real it is.

Wrestling was a big part of our discussion also. David is actually a wrestling manager/personality on the independent wrestling scene. He seems to be well connected in the wrestling industry and has several prominent wrestler friends. He even included some Ring of Honor wrestlers in Burial Ground Massacre.

We talked about his upcoming documentary about wrestler Justin Credible. I grew up being a fan of Credible back in his ECW hayday. Justin (P.J. Polaco) has had many ups and downs in his personal life and has quite the story. I’m really glad David will be featuring his story.

I really enjoyed speaking to Chels and David. They seem like good people and enjoyed their film. Looking forward to seeing more from them, they are a powerhouse filmmaking tag-team in the making.

BURIAL GROUND MASSACRE is out in Theaters and Digital Platforms on September 3rd

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