SALIVA Frontman Bobby Amaru on Josey Scott’s Relationship with the Band & Doing Music for Wrestling

Very few bands were bigger than Saliva in the early 2000’s. The band was a household name for any rock and metal lovers. Boasting a bunch of hit songs such as, “Always,” “Click, Click Boom,” “Superstar” and many more. They are still going strong 20 years later and touring the country at the moment.

Imagine my excitement when I got a chance to interview the lead singer of the band, Bobby Amaru?! Recently I had a chance to speak to Bobby about the band’s current 2021 tour. The rumors of Josey Scott reuniting with the band. The connection the band had with pro wrestling and if there is possibility working with WWE or AEW. Plus, what are some of the bands Saliva likes to tour with the most.


Nothing highlights my teenage years than the music I connected to. Saliva comes immediately to mind as one of the most influential bands of my teenage years. I’m certainly sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. The early 2000s’ were alternative rock/metal nirvana (no pun intended). A 16-year-old me wouldn’t have believed that I’d be interviewing the frontman for Saliva! This was super cool

I found Bobby to be very chill and engaging. Definitely a cool guy. Appreciate how transparent he was also.

I’m a huge wrestling fan, so I had to talk about the Saliva-WWE connection. Saliva was the sound of many of the monumental WWE PPV theme songs. Wrestlemania’s also. Till his retirement from wrestling, Dave Bautista’s theme song was “I Walk Alone” by Saliva. It was a big part of essence of the Batista character. Needless to say, Saliva had quite the impact on the wrestling landscape.

I was very surprised to hear Bobby reveal that they re-recorded Batista’s theme song recently. We never got to hear that version, but apparently it’s completed. I was excited to hear Bobby bring up AEW and his local connection to the stars of AEW and owner Tony Kahn. Love to see Saliva work with AEW and create some awesome theme songs for the wrestlers.

Those that have been following Saliva from the early days would be aware that Bobby wasn’t the frontman for the band, it was Josey Scott. There were rumors flying around recently that Josey was going to make a return or reunite with the band for at least a tour. Apparently that’s not happening according to Bobby, and there might be some bad blood also. I wasn’t aware of that. Interesting. Personally, I feel it wouldn’t be fair to Bobby to bring back Josey to take over the spot Bobby has nailed down and done a terrific job with.

This was a lot of fun and brought out the fan in me.

Check out Saliva on tour.

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