Actress Molly Quinn on Her Role in AGNES and How it Made Her Reflect on Her Own Personal Hardaships

Molly C. Quinn has been working her way to stardom for years, and she’s clearly well on her way to that. Her notable roles in the series Castle and memorable role in We’re The Millers. Now she can be seen in one of her true breakout roles where she plays a nun, in the film Agnes. The film just made its world premiere debut at the Tribeca Film Festival.

I spoke to Molly about her role in Agnes. Why it was one of her most challenging and personal roles she’s ever had. She spoke how she takes some characters with her off-set. Was she ever scared during filming? Find out that and more.


Molly was very sweet. She had really good energy and was engaging to speak with. I’ve noticed her maturing from a. girl into a woman on-screen. This role in Agnes is probably the most intense role I can remember seeing her in. She did a terrific job, but apparently it didn’t come easy and without a struggle.

Molly was candid with me and I appreciated that, especially when she spoke about being somewhat estranged from her parents. Obviously it was something that took me by surprise. Onto the movie. Did anything weird and scary happen on-set? Well, of course. When she spoke about the door in that basement. I mean come on, this sort of stuff happens only on horror movie sets, how freaky! I’d never step foot on that part of the set haha.

It was pretty apparent from what she said that this role was very challenging and took a lot out of her. I can only imagine getting deep into a character that it’s hard to turn it off when you’re not filming. It certainly seemed to be in her head from what she said, which sounds a bit scary in itself.

If you’re a fan of Molly’s work, definitely check her out in Agnes when it comes out. If you like something spooky and scary, this is also a film for you.

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