HBO Max Announces New Lower Pricing Tier

Today’s Warner Media upfront made several big announcements. One of the biggest one of them was the new ad supported version for HBO Max. Starting in June, consumers will have a choice to stick with the current ad-free subscription of HBO Max at $14.99, or they can go with the ad-supported subscription at $9.99 per month.

This is huge. HBO Max has had one of the highest priced subscription plans to date. This will allow subscribers to have a more affordable choice, one that’s on par with many of the current streaming platforms, even cheaper than Netflix.

Whether you’re an ad-free or ad-supported subscriber, you will have access to the entire HBO Max library. One important thing to note, subscribers to the ad supported tier of HBO Max will have access to the full HBO Max content catalog, excluding Warner Bros. Same-Day Premiere films debuting in theaters and on HBO Max throughout 2021.

If you’re a consumer of the Same-day Premiere films, the ad-free plan is still a major perk of staying with that plan.

Basically, the roll-out of this new ad-supported tier gives consumers a choice for a lower priced plan. Personally, I love the content of HBO Max, but the pricing has been an issue. Now there will be potential of major subscription increase, especially with the people who were on the fence, or hesitant about the price.

HBO Max has barely been a year in the game, but it’s a streaming content and original programming is top-tier. I’d expect there to be start of a serious competition with Netflix for top streaming services in the near future.

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