AEW to add New TNT Show “Rampage” & “Dynamite” Moving to TBS in 2022

Big news from All Elite Wrestling. Fans of AEW can expect more action and more aew programming coming soon. The fast rising wrestling company is adding a new show to their programming slate, AEW: Rampage.

Rampage is set to debut on August 13 at 10 p.m. EST on TNT. The show will be the third added hour of weekly AEW programming.

Additionally, TNT will air four new wrestling specials annually. This might be like a televised PPV event. So this is a big addition to AEW programming.

The biggest news in all of this might be that the premiere AEW show, Dynamite, will be moving to TBS in January 2022.

“As a lifelong wrestling aficionado who is privileged to present AEW to longtime and new fans alike, it means a lot to me – personally and professionally – to share the news that All Elite Wrestling will call TBS home beginning in 2022,” said Tony Khan, CEO, GM and Head of Creative of AEW.  “The history of wrestling in the United States cannot be told without acknowledging the contributions of TBS, which as WTBS years ago delivered wrestling to the Southeast and eventually to a massive national audience.  TBS has the same passion for wrestling today, but will offer AEW and our fans more prime time programming, content and global opportunities that will establish TBS as the world’s undisputed destination for wrestling. 

It’s really impressive the growth AEW has had over the last 24 months. It’s becoming one of the biggest wrestling promotions in the world with top-tier talent. I’m a fan. Being part of the Turner networks is a major platform for AEW to grow as a company and grow their audience.

The TBS move won’t be a big difference at all. Most cable providers carry the channel. Rampage has a chance to be a unique standout show. We don’t quite know yet if it will be wrestling-centric or more of a talk show based? Either way it’s exciting to get an extra hour of AEW.

As far as the four annual specials, that could be the biggest addition. AEW will undoubtedly make it a must-watch special. These are exciting times to be a fan of wrestling and especially AEW and Turner is doing their part in bringing it for everyone to see on a weekly basis.

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