“24” Director Brad Turner on the Series Finale and Kiefer Sutherland’s Feelings about Jack Bauer

It’s hard to argue that 24 is one of the most successful shows Fox has produced. Kiefer Sutherland was the face of the series, playing Jack Bauer. One of the people that was there for the ride and a big part of the show’s success was Brad Turner, who was both director and producer on the series.

Brad has worked on most of your favorite TV series at some point. He’s a highly accomplished television director that’s also done features. His latest feature will appeal to 24 fans, it’s called Trigger Point and it stars Barry Pepper.

I spoke to Brad about his work on Trigger Point. Why he was so set on casting Barry Pepper in the lead role. He also shared his experience of being a television director. Current technology used in filmmaking. And course we talked 24! Brad spoke about the series finale. Did Fox want a spin-off of the series? How did Kiefer feel about Jack Bauer by the end of the run? Find out all that and more in the interview.


Brad was very interesting to talk to. He had a lot of knowledge to share and was transparent with his experiences. I learned a lot of new things about 24 that I had not known or head about prior.

Fans of 24 should definitely enjoy Trigger Point. It’s an entertaining action thriller. So Brad cast Barry after working with him years ago. This is what I often hear. This industry is much smaller than you think. Everyone knows everyone and they often like working together.

I had no idea we would end up talking about drones, but the conversation went there and I’m glad it did. Brad had an interesting perspective on it. Brad is a director who embraces new technology and drones basically have become the new crane shots. It seems like a really useful tool, especially for action films.

I had to talk 24 with Brad. So many great stories and newsbits that came out of it. It was funny hearing how the talk of a movie version was taken in stride and how Fox had interest in a spin-off series. Makes complete sense, considering they are doing that exact thing with the 9-1-1 franchise. Brad revealed some great stuff for fans of the series, such as myself, who have wondered about the finale of the series. Now our questions have some answers with more clarity.

TRIGGER POINT is out now in Theaters and On Demand

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