Wrestling Superstar RVD on Retirement from the Ring, Lack of Interest Going To AEW & Shane McMahon Taking His Move

Rob Van Dam is one of the biggest names in the history of the wrestling business. The face of Extreme Championship Wrestling, former WWE and IMPACT Wrestling superstar, and just announced the newest WWE Hall of Famer. RVD has done it all in the world of wrestling and now is dipping further into the world of acting, with a role in the action-thriller Assault on VA-33 (out in select theaters on 4/2 & VOD 4/6).

I had a chance to speak to Rob about his wrestling career and the role in the film. He spoke about his friendship with the director Christopher Ray. RVD spoke on his potential retirement. How did Shane McMahon take his move and his thoughts on it. Does he have a desire to work for AEW? Plus, how did he get the name RVD and his resemblance to Jean-Claude Van Damme. All this plus more, this is a must see interview with wrestling superstar RVD!


Rob was just like I expected him to be, cool and super chill. I think he was even rolling a joint during the entire interview haha. Rob being Rob. What you see is what you get. I always liked that he carried himself in the ring and outside of it the same way. Authentic to the core. I appreciated how transparent he was and how well and thoughtfully he answered all my questions. He’s a pretty damn good interview and I wasn’t sure he might be prior to speaking to him.

So much good stuff that Rob provided. He definitely seemed to have enjoyed working on Assault on VA-33 with Chris Ray. The film has a pretty cool cast with some legit badasses like Sean Patrick Flanery and Michael Jai White. Plus Nic Cage’s son Weston Cage Coppola is in the film doing solid work. It’s a movie that seemed fitting for RVD to be part of.

The big reveals in the interview were Rob basically saying that he’s pretty much retired and content with never wrestling again, but still open to business for the right opportunity. Make sense for someone that is content and comfortable in their position. I was a little surprised that Rob didn’t seem to have much excitement and interest in going to All Elite Wrestling. It further proves his current situation of being fairly retired, plus the WWE HOF announcement backs that further.

Now, I was always fascinated by the comparisons of RVD and Jean-Claude Van Damme, plus how he got the name Van Dam to begin with. Fortunately Rob was willing to provide the whole backstory as to how his ring name came about. I haven’t heard that story before, so it was pretty cool to hear it. Apparently the comparisons of his likeness to JCVD begun when he started wrestling. I’d love to see RVD and JCVD team-up for a film. How cool would that be!

So, another thing I always wondered about was Shane McMahon’s use of the Van Terminator, which Shane’s version called the “Coast to Coast”. Rob addressed that with an interesting story also. Looks like Paul Heyman was behind that. Rob didn’t seem to have any resentment to Shane using it in his own way, so I found that pretty cool.

ASSAULT ON VA-33 arrives in select theaters April 2 and VOD April 6

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