‘Savage State’ Trailer Debut

A French made American Western? Ok, I’m listening. Now, we can listen and watch the trailer debut for Savage State. This period drama is set against the backdrop of the Civil War. A family of French colonists looks to flee Missouri and head back to France. All they have to do is cross half the country and get to New York first. I have a feeling that will be fairly complicated and it won’t be an easy trek. Find out more in the trailer below:


Certainly the French influence is noticeable. Also a noticeable feminist aspect too. That’s intriguing. Lots of shoot em’ up gunfights and seems like solid amount of action. I’m curious to find out who those dudes sporting the “scarecrow” look in those creepy cloth masks are? Must be the bad guys.

The sets, costumes and general landscape visuals look pretty stunning. Kudos to those teams for putting it together.

If you’re into this genre then seems like Savage State will be a solid choice.

SAVAGE STATE releases On Demand and Digital Friday, January 29, 2021

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