Malin Akerman, Ryan Hansen & Nicol Paone Talk Friendship, Favorite Qualities and ‘Friendsgiving’

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Many will gather with friends and family (if possible) to celebrate and give thanks. Friendsgiving offers a fun laugh out loud warmup for the holiday season in the hilarious, dysfunctional and heartwarming comedy for you to enjoy.

I had an awesome opportunity to speak to the writer and director Nicol Paone and the stars of the film Malin Akerman and Ryan Hansen. The group talked about working together, how much fun they had on-set, their personal friendships and they all shared their favorite thing about each other. Check out this fun interview below.


I had a blast chatting with Malin, Ryan and Nicol. They were so upbeat and fun. Very gracious bunch that clearly enjoyed working with each other. They had great chemistry in the film and in the interview. Everyone seemed very grounded and loose. Poking jokes at each other. I really enjoyed their vibe. I liked how Nicol had the movie poster next to her. That was a fun touch.

I can only imagine how much of a hoot that set was. Malin referenced to the fun they had and how hard was it not to laugh at all times. They all previously worked with each other on different projects so there was genuine familiarity between the cast and with Nicol.

My favorite part of the interview was asking each of them about each other. They really shared some genuine sweet things about each other. Does Malin really have webbed feet?! Maybe that’s a big fun reveal. Clearly they are comfortable joking with each other and it showed in this conversation with them.

The movie was a lot of fun. It has a all-star cast from top to bottom. The movie has a lot of wacky outrageous moments, but it also has a great message about friendship. In times when things seem to be bleak for many, this is a great upbeat film that will deliver laughs and keep you entertained. It’s R-rated also for those that enjoy the extra raunchy humor. I recommend checking out Friendsgiving.

‘FRIENDSGIVING’ is available in Theaters, on Demand and Digital October 23. On Blu-Ray and DVD October 27

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