Conversation with Director Tim Hill: Talks ‘The War With Grandpa’ and Robert De Niro’s Impressive Physical Shape

Writer and director Tim Hill has made an impressive career out of animation. Some of his credits include being one of the main writers and co-creators of SpongeBob SquarePants. That’s big time in itself. Addition work includes directing of Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, Hop and Muppets from Space. His latest film is the live action comedy The War With Grandpa, starring Robert De Niro.

I spoke to Tim about his work on The War With Grandpa. Directing Robert De Niro and how De Niro draws top A-list actors to his films. Plus, much more.


I found Tim to be a chill and cool guy. He’s a great mind when it comes to animation having been a major part in bringing us SpongeBob. The cast assembled for The War With Grandpa is extraordinary. Most importantly having Robert De Niro in the lead. I’m still surprised that De Niro keeps venturing out to do comedies. To me shows how wide ranging of an actor he is and how someone of De Niro’s caliber can continually be so self-deprecating on-screen after all that he’s accomplished.

The movie contains a lot of gags and slapstick comedy. I asked Tim about De Niro’s actual involvement in the physical comedy of the film and to my surprise it seemed to be a good amount. There is a scene he’s hanging from a window and Tim revealed it was Robert hanging on a bar. Now, I can barely do that, much less someone of De Niro’s age. Puts me to shame and I thought I do a decent job staying fit and going to the gym haha.

Tim and I found a similar interest in space and cosmos. I’m always reading and researching on that topic and find it fascinating. It was cool to see Tim connect with me on that aspect. He even suggested a book for me to check out that he’s reading and I certainly plan on doing so.

The War With Grandpa is a light, slappy comedy with a great cast. It had some funny moments that made me laugh. It’s a family friendly film and has some heart.

‘THE WAR WITH GRANDPA’ is out in Theaters on October 9, 2020

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