Will AMC’s 15 Cent Movie Get You Into Theaters? Not So Fast…

AMC announced that it’s opening up a portion of it’s theaters around the country. Numerous outlets have reported the opening, this one is from the Associated Press that announced the news of the AMC’s 15 cent reopening promotion on August 20th.

Not to be the party pooper (I don’t even like that term, but it applies), but this is a clear attempt to lure patrons by offering a 15 cent movie for their grand reopening. It sounds tempting and appealing. Is it really worth flocking a closed space to see Ghostbusters, Black Panther, Grease or Back to the Future? Sure, those are some solid classics, but you can watch those anytime at HOME. Most likely won’t cost you anything either since most movie lovers have DVDs and Blu-rays of those films, or can possibly catch them on one of their streaming devices.

All this is a strategy to get you into a theater, hoping to sell you on the safety of it and keep on having you come back and check out the few new releases that are on the way. Good marketing. This promo is for one day only though. If you show up on the 21st you’re paying $5 for those listed classics. Welp.

After numerous attempts at opening up their theaters, AMC seems confident there won’t be any setbacks in the next week that would prevent them from delaying their opening. Not all AMC Theaters will be opening, only around 100 nationwide. Check the AMC website for your local theater.

The AMC 34th Street 14 movie theater
Noam Galai/Getty Images

I’m sure people will take a chance and show up to their local theaters when they open. I can understand the desire to get out and enjoy something they are familiar with. As much as AMC and other chains can claim that they are taking every safety precaution to make their spaces as sanitary as possible, it’s still a MOVIE THEATER after all. One of the grossest and unsanitary places you can be. Germs central.

Can theaters assure you that patrons will stop tossing their nasty garbage all over the seats and floor? Can I be assured I won’t step on gum and won’t have my arm glued to the armrest from the spilled Coke? No popcorn littered all over the floor? That be a first. Point is, theaters can’t control the actions of people who are accustomed to being dirtbags and who have treated the theaters as a personal wasteland for decades. In this current pandemic world these are major sticking (no pun intended) points.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the theater experience. It’s one of my favorite things to do, trash and all. Times have changed though. We are living in a world where close proximity is something to avoid, not embrace. No matter how they spread out the seating, you’re still in a closed space among people who you don’t know anything about. Were they exposed to the virus? Are they being good citizens and protecting themselves? Are they actually wearing masks? Are coughing up the joint with no care? Some of these are just things nobody can be certain of.

Theaters are making their way back into the society, but society might not be ready for them now or ever. Until there is a vaccine, I’ll take a hard pass on my favorite movie watching experience. I’m cool with watching from home, even if it means no Tenet for me. To each their own. AMC, I’ll put my A-List on an indefinite hold.

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