‘Lost Girls & Love Hotels’ Trailer Reaction

Alexandra Daddario is heading to Tokyo. That’s sort of the basic premise of the upcoming Lost Girls & Love Hotels. Daddario plays an American English teacher that heads to Tokyo, Japan in hopes of escaping her past. As she explores the Tokyo nightlife she connects with a mysterious Yakuza named Kazu. Uh oh…sounds like this could be trouble.


First thing to note is that it is based on a novel. There must be a following already and desire out there for this film. Next significant takeaway is that I’ve never seen Daddario in such a role. The film seems dark, dangerous and sexually charged. Same can be said of Daddario’s character, from the looks of it in the trailer.

This could be more intense than what it looks. Sultry is a way I’d describe it. Kind of like what an actually mysterious 50 Shades would (and should) have been like.

All I can see is trouble brewing for Daddario in the movie. She’s mixing with the wrong crowd and guy. Common sense says you don’t mess with a Yakuza.

I found this trailer to be suspenseful and sexy. I am all about what this movie has to offer. This might be a benchmark role for Daddario and I’m very curious to see her pull it off. Lost Girls & Love Hotels looks like a must-see.

‘LOST GIRLS & LOVE HOTELS’ releases on Digital and On Demand on September 18, 2020

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