Maddie Hasson on Her Reality TV Fascination and Bonding With Alexandra Daddario

Maddie Hasson is a rising name to watch in the industry. Having already starred on series such as Malignant, Impulse and Twisted. Hasson’s latest film, We Summon The Darkness, just released. I had a chance to speak to her about her experience working on it.



Maddie was pretty open and straightforward, I appreciate that quality. She shared some fun stories. Seems like she really bonded with the cast, especially Alexandra Daddario and Amy Forsyth. I just tried to picture them in those onesies walking into stores and around a hotel. Must have been a blast for them and a funny sight to see.

If there is one takeaway from speaking to Maddie it’s certainly that she appears to be a huge reality TV fan, especially when it comes to dating shows. We both share this interest and fascination, no doubt.

Maddie was definitely fun to chat with and I hope there are more conversations between us in the future. Her career is certainly rising quickly and she can definitely become a household name.

WE SUMMON THE DARKNESS’ On Demand and Digital on April 10, 2020

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