Netflix ‘Tall Girl’ Star Ava Michelle on Her Love of Romantic Movies and Being Tall

Ava Michelle is a reaching new heights starring in the Netflix Tall Girl. The film deals with a tall girl finding comfort in her own skin and embracing herself while welcoming a new romance to her life. It’s a story that’s relatable in a variety of aspects. Reel Talker spoke to Ava at the LA Family Day event recently about her height and love of romantic movies.


Ava Michelle on her height and love of romance.


I found Ava to be very nice and delightful and mature young woman. I enjoyed hearing about her interest in romantic movies (we share the same love). She really is tall in person. I’m 6’1” and she was taller than me. It’s nice to be tall.

‘TALL GIRL’ is available now on Netflix

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