NFL Hall of Famer Andre Reed on NFL Contenders, Buffalo Bills Outlook and Bears Mitchell Trubisky

Andre Reed is one of the best receivers of all-time. His Hall of Fame status speaks for it. When you have a chance to speak to an NFL legend, you do it, and I did. Andre was a guest at the Luxury Experience & Co Celebrity Experience Gifting Lounge To Celebrate Emmy’s Week in Beverly Hills. Reel Talker was on hand and I spoke to him about the NFL contending teams for this season, teams to lookout, his Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.


Andre was very cool and gave some fantastic thoughtful answers. When I asked about his breakout player and someone he likes to watch, the first name he mentioned was NY Giants running back Saquon Barkley. I thought that was an interesting name for him to mention first.

He gave a great description of why the Bills have an advantage over other teams. He certainly can speak of that, considering he played for them. As a Bears fan it was interesting to hear him talk about them and share his thoughts on Mitchell Trubisky. As a receiver he has a lot of inside knowledge on the quarterback position and what to look for in one.

I thought Andre was a awesome guy and fun to talk to. Very engaging. Pretty cool to meet a legitimate Hall of Fame athlete.

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