Movie Pick of the Day: Child’s Play

Your childhood nightmares of Chucky are back with an updated modern twist on it. Child’s Play terrified many, including myself. The sheer image of him with the red hair, freckles, evil smile and suspenders sends chills down my spine. Even Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden got a nickname “Chucky”. The character has lived in infamy for decades with a handful of Chucky movies throughout the years.

Nothing beats the original. Now, we get a Chucky that’s more technologically advanced, making it even freakier. The re-imagining of the 1988 cult classic is out now on Blu-ray and DVD (September 24). You can see this whole new AI-enhanced Buddi doll for yourself for your home entertainment viewing pleasures. Aubrey Plaza stars as Karen, the mom, while Gabriel Bateman plays Andy.

As a longtime fan of the franchise, this is one of the better Chucky movies we’ve seen in a while. Fans of the 1988 classic won’t be disappointed. A new evil and creepy updated Chucky for a new generation of fans, while satisfying the original ones.

Check out some of the exclusive bonus features included with the copies of the Blu-ray and DVD:

CHILD’S PLAY Blu-ray and DVD Bonus Features:

  • The Making of Child’s Play
  • Bringing Child’s Play’s Chucky to Life
  • Soundtrack Trailer
  • Toy Massacre
  • A.I. Mayhem
  • Gallery

P.S. “Bringing Child’s Play’s Chucky to Life” feature was my personal favorite.

Child’s Play‘ Arrives on Blu-ray and DVD September 24

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