Fran Drescher on Overcoming Cancer and Her Message to Stay Happy

Fran Drescher had delighter audiences for decades with shows like “The Nanny” and her uniquely recognizable laugh. Her latest film is The Creatress where she plays an agent. Reel Talker was at the premiere of the film and I had a chance to speak to Fran, her fellow castmates and director Jason Cook. Fran shared some personal of her stories and feelings overcoming cancer and a lot more great insight.


Fran was so fantastic and forthcoming. I love her honesty and transparency. She spoke passionately about her foundation, Cancer Shmancer, and her experience overcoming cancer. She is such a happy and positive person with a lot of great knowledge and advice to share. I found her to be very inspiring and hopeful. I think her message was great and it’s good to see her succeed continually and share her message of positivity.


Lindy was very energetic and fun to chat with. This role in The Creatress seemed made for her. Lindy has appeared in a lot of movies and shows, so she’s a seasoned actor. Her trip to Spain seemed exciting also.


Jason was a bit more on the reserved side. This movie is his baby, since he wrote and directed it. We are seeing more and more actors dabble in writing and directing. Jason had a clear vision for the film and elaborated on it in the interview. I’m curious to see how his career will expand going forward.


Luke and I go back a few years. He was one of my first interviews I’ve done. At the time he was starting to come up in the industry. Seems like he’s arrived at this point. It was good to meet him face-to-face. He’s a cool guy with many talents and interests. He also has a distinguished fitness career outside of acting. I aspire to be in the physical shape he is, haha.

The Creatress NOW ON ITUNES:

The Creatress opens in digital platforms August 27th 2019, in the United States and Canada

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